The Daily Word 09.15.07

Weekend Edition

The Daily Word

Arizona wants to steal New Mexico's film industry action.

A fireball flew across the night sky on the 13th...and killed a goomba.

Let's not bring up our state's financial prosperity.

Prisoners in a downtown Albuquerque jail removed for safety concerns.

Notify the king, the Northwest Passage to the Orient is found. The kingdom will have spices aplenty, by god!

In an incongruous turnaround, U.S. industries want to be regulated.

Here's a cranky rant on airline monikers.

Greenspan says Iraq is an oil-based war.

As islands begin to disappear beneath rising sea levels, what happens to their people?

Want to learn about the country Georgia?! Click here.

$188 laptops for all children!

Weather: It may cool down, but highs are still in the '80s.