The Daily Word 09.18.07

The Daily Word

City Councilor Cadigan questions the hiring of Jim Ludwick as the city's first ever animal program analyst.

A look at what to do at the fair today.

Google gets involved in mobile text ads. Makes me want a spam filter on my cell phone.

The French foreign minister changed the tone of his threat to Iran that military action would be taken if the nation develops nuclear weapons.

Some details about Bush's nominee for attorney general.

More lettuce/E. coli stuff.

Sen. Craig gets some help from the ACLU.

I don't know which part of this story is scarier—the man who died from playing computer games for three days or the direction the Chinese government wants to take the Internet.

Wearing a fashion trend that started in jail could end you up in jail.

Newspapers in the News: Murdoch looks at making the Wall Street Journal free online. Very, very interesting to this media nerds.