The Daily Word 9.21.07

The Daily Word

Two students shot at Delaware State. Campus on lockdown this morning while police hunt for the gunman.

Refund those 2006 tax penalties and don't exact them for 2007! So sayeth our governor.

Dude videotaped and posted on YouTube a many-man fight from his balcony after the Downtown bars closed last weekend. The city's all riled up.

This 51-year-old lady is way buff.

Enjoy the rain. We're probably looking at a dry winter.

Councilor Harris' ethics complaint being rushed?

Mattel says sorry to China.

Did MoveOn go too far with that Patraeus ad?

15 more New Mexicans got the West Nile.

Police in the O.C. tase an autistic boy.

Phoenix New Times and George Carlin's audio book might be removed from Arizona library shelves.

Turns out CBGB owner was a secret millionaire. His ex might not see a penny of it.

Pictures of stupid signs.