The Daily Word 09.23.07

Weekend Edition

The Daily Word

Domenici, Wilson and Pearce make "most corrupt members of congress" list.

Is the state profiting from shitty Dane Cook films? Yes!

Richardson called "the strongest second-tier contender" by The Economist.

The National Weather Service predicts a drier winter.

Congress wants to cut $350 million in funding for NM weapons labs.

Private prison company won't get a tax refund from New Mexico.

Read all about the basketball slasher!

The sex lives of presidential candidates--do we really want to know?

Question about pot dosage has stoners scratching their heads, smoking more pot.

Should parents tell their kids they've done blow?

Science may have discovered the sixth sense.

French mime Marcel Marceau is dead.

The BBC put together a little collection of silly signs.

The weather is getting better. So are our slant rhymes.