The Daily Word 09.26.07

The Daily Word

Watch a video of baboons breaking into cars. The best lines: “The baboons bound playfully across rooftops and swing from gutters as they move from house to house in search of booty.” “And then they move around the house and they defecate all over the place.” “And the baboons’ naughty habits are fast becoming a local tourist sight.”

How your doctor can help you when she’s hundreds of miles away.

New Mexico scientist hopes to treat psychopaths by studying them with brain scans.

The House votes to expand children’s health care system, but once again, Bush Jr. lurks in the wings.

A shoe aimed exclusively at Native Americans.

Amazon tries to beat iTunes.

Slate publishes its Sex Issue. A few highlights: “Don’t Ask the Sexperts,” and “The Best ‘Human Nature’ Sex Stories of 2007.”

And in that vain, what on earth (or not) is a “naked hole”? Not what you’re thinking, dirty.

Also, why some bugs have fake genitals.

Google’s after submarine bandwidth.

On Sept. 26, 1983, Stanislav Petrov saved the world by doing nothing.

Bacteria grow deadlier after space travel.

Artificial reefs to keep jerks away from the real ones.