The Daily Word 10.03.07

The Daily Word

Election results are in! All of the candidates the Alibi endorsed won (or re-won) seats on the Council. But only a measly 10 percent of you showed up. Tsk tsk.

Here’s a nice Trib commentary on the election results.

Discussions get heated over the proposed name for a new city high school.

Become part of a new statewide program and recycle your old refrigerator.

Can Tesuque Farms feed the whole pueblo? That’s what they’re aiming for.

Canyon Road becomes one of the nation’s top 10 streets.

North Korea agrees to dismantle its nuclear facilities.

Democrats raise a whole lot of cash, surpassing Republicans.

The House votes to give the Bush administration 60 days to come up with a plan for withdrawal.

The RIAA stages its first filesharing trial.

What Africans think about the U.S.’s new military presence.

Tainted meat: Yet another reason to become a vegetarian.

The Ultimate Geek Racer: Part Athlete, Part Astronaut.

Fifty years later, what kind of satellites follow in Sputnik’s stead?

Do you know who sits on Bush’s cabinet? Here’s a fun quiz to find out.

Is there any such things as an environmentally friendly airline?

Slate’s video Bushisms.

Plus, Slate’s candidate mashup, with a simulated belch from Bill Richardson.

Today’s pictures: Reunited Germany.

“Missing link” dinosaur discovered in Montana.

How did 10,000 wildebeest drown in a river?

Yemen volcano erupts.

Pictures of some of the Milky Way’s biggest stars come in from Hubble.

A video of transparent frogs.

And, as a reward for those of you who stuck with this blog till the end: Make your own wildlife film!