The Daily Word 10.04.07

The Daily Word

More Mining Mishaps: 2,000 men are freed from a gold mine in South Africa, but 1,200 remain 1.3 miles underground.

The Trib predicts what will happen with Sen. Domenici's seat in 2008.

Seems we owe Texas some water.

Now Bush is the flip-flopper. (And thank goodness!)

Sputnik kicked off the space age 50 years ago and the Russians are celebrating.

Specialist Ciara Durk, an Army National Guard member stationed in Afghanistan, was shot in the head and killed last week on base, in a secure area. What happened?

Sweden plans sends troops to Darfur. (Sweden!)

Alaska's top vacation spot: Rat Island!

Tattooed fish taken from a pet store own in violation of a no dyed animals ordinance (and because animal activists called the practice cruel) were euthanized.

People will sell anything on eBay.