The Daily Word 10.07.07

Weekend Edition

The Daily Word

Wilson wants Domenici's job.

575, bay-bee! if you don't live in Albuquerque or Santa Fe.

Richardson opposes smelting.

In most states the lottery funds the lottery, not education.

Mellencamp video angers the mayor of a questionable town.

10-year-old Arkansas boy steals bus. (Didn't that happen in "Ernest Goes To Camp"?)

And an 11-year-old in Louisiana has been driving for months. Dang southerners!

Home buyers are mad at home sellers.

Museam sneakers-in damage a Monet painting in Paris. They thought he was overrated too.

This article about a journalist and a child artist is very compelling. I not kidding.

The "Slow City" movement is also pretty interesting.

Let's see what Newsweek is up to these days. (An article on women and power, for one.)

Southeast Asia gets one helluva storm.

This is dumb, but funny at the end.

Bad news in weather: It's warming up again by mid-week.