The Daily Word 11.11.07

Weekend Edition

The Daily Word

Rep. Tom Udall to announce run for senate.

New Mexico involved in lawsuit against the EPA.

Campus is getting bigger, they are working on it all the time.

Norman Mailer dies at 84.

Oil tanker splits in half, making the black sea blacker.

There was also an oil spill in the San Francisco Bay.

There are a lot of pigeons.

Read about Plastic People of the Universe.

New Orleans streetcars are running for the first time since the hurricane.

See presidential candidates on the covers of men's magazines.

Web game feeds the hungry.

Biologist dies of the plague in Arizona.

An Atlanta megachurch made $69 million last year.

Former President Bush sky dives.

Here's an interview with "The Perry Bible Fellowship" creator.

Weather: Will winter ever come? It's back in the low '70s this week.