The Daily Word 12.16.07

Weekend Edition

The Daily Word

This story reads like an ad, but it's exciting news nonetheless--nonstop flights between Albuquerque and Puerto Vallarta mean the Sunport is international again.

New Mexico State Senate to open next month with a Hindu prayer.

Woman dies of being very cold.

What condoms? Some states reject federal funding for abstinence-only evangelical-ed.

At least elephants are on birth control.

San Francisco Bay Area due for a major earthshake next year.

FEMA's fake press conference named the worst PR event of '07.

Google is copying Wikipedia with new application "Knol."

Rupert Everett talks some smack about his fellow elite.

Read about dapper new gang fashion sweeping Central American thuglife.

The oldest human dies at 116.

People want to visit threatened locals, take pictures, eat hot dogs.

Here's some Iraq news.

There's a big winter storm in the east.

Weather: Temps warming to the low '40s, high '50s this week.