The Daily Word 12.19.07

The Daily Word

Mayor Marty has a brilliant idea: green roofs. And, apparently, Brad Winter has been living in a cardboard box for the last 30 years. (warning: Journal subscription or annoying commercial viewing required)

The numbers are in: one in five jobs will be lost at the labs over the next decade.

How is Mesa del Sol going to get water? And how much will its residents have to pay for it? Find out tonight.

Crap. More voting machine problems in New Mexico.

Bush wants the country’s nuke stockpile to drastically decrease. At the same time, Los Alamos will drastically increase its plutonium pit production.

Tech gifts for your geeks. But don’t forget to check out the Alibi’s gift guides one and two, if you haven’t already.

Mars is closest to Earth this week. Get out your telescope!

This “Death Star” galaxy is violently blasting its neighbor, something scientists have never before witnessed. Seriously, it’s cool. Here’s a video.

Monkeys scored as well on basic math tests as college students. This is f-ing embarrassing.

What? Ancient giant humans? Get the real story.