The Daily Word 12.22.07

Weekend Edition

The Daily Word

Deadly asteroids happen all the time, as do deadly hemorrhoids.

That's a lot of weed that law enforcement gets to smoke.

I looooove me some absinthe.

There ain't nothin' wrong with a little bump and grind, which has nothing to do with this article about an east-coaster's supposedly frugal trip to Santa Fe.

Will crappy Christmas 2007 be anything like crappy Christmas 1693? No!

This is an odd article about morning murders in Albuquerque.

Sheila left her job in the curtains department.

Hasselhoff means more than Knight Rider, ripped abs, then not-so-ripped abs.

Crazy evangelical Christians are at it again. And again.

Grave robbers threaten Bulgarian artifacts, neat coins.

The C.I.A. withheld tapes from the 9/11 commission.

This cocktail quiz is dumb, yet entertaining. And the drinks are impressive, repulsive.


Celebrity gossip is always improved with mention of Angela Lansbury.

Weather: I'm dreaming of a 43 degree, partly cloudy Christmas.