The Daily Word 2.5.2008

The Daily Word

Officials expect the turnout for New Mexico’s caucus today to be bananas.

Here are some Super Tuesday caucus basics for casting your vote today.

If massive program cutbacks strike your fancy, this year’s city budget is for you!

Strep throat is coming to kill us all!

Whether you’re stopped by a cop or a camera, the fine will be the same.

Giants’ fans fill New York with joy/idiocy.

McCain gets more love from the media than any other candidate.

Hall of fame basketball coach Bob Knight unexpectedly quits his job at Texas Tech.

This car looks like it would be fun to drive if you’re interested in driving the speed limit or above (Which I am steadfastly unwilling to do.)

Rapper Pimp C died of an accidental syrup overdose. (Who died of what?)