The Daily Word 02.06.08

The Daily Word

Super Tuesday results are dominating the media today. Tallies are still coming in, and I’ve been going to Google News: Elections to stay current. If you scroll down about halfway through the page, there’s a great results generator on the right-hand side that’s easier to follow than any others I’ve seen.

New Mexico still has 17,000 votes left to tally, with only a 120-vote difference between Clinton and Obama, in Clinton’s favor. Voting yesterday was chaos, with police called out to manage crowds of more than 4,000. It’s the largest turnout we’ve ever seen for this kind of election.

“What has become the party's most competitive race in at least a quarter of a century.”

A medical examiner declares Heath Ledger died of an accidental overdose on prescription drugs.

Heavy cannabis use may damage your gums, but as long as you eat enough grapefruit

Embryo created using DNA from three people—two women and one man.

The Writers Guild will try to work on a deal this Saturday. They’ve been on strike for three months now.

Americans abroad cast votes online for yesterday’s caucuses.

Microsoft digs Clinton, but Google’s all about Obama.

More potential for life found in space.

A video of how our world would look if its temperature raised six degrees.