The Daily Word 03.18.08

The Daily Word

Albuquerque cabbies are watching their back after a string of carjackings last week.

The city is running on empty.

Fort Sill Apaches want to build a casino. Siegfried and Roy/Blue Man Group hopeful a deal can be worked out.

Clovis parents are being punished by the courts for letting their kids stay home from school.

Obama says “racial anger is real.”

Author says sisters share a close bond and an urge to strangle each other.

One investor says clean technology is the only way to save America’s economy.

Mercedes is buying into mini car madness.

The Dalai Lama may resign.

Stocks are soaring this morning.

Recently appointed New York Gov. and his wife admit to past infidelities. Saucy!

The director of “The English Patient” is dead. Here come the water works.