The Daily Word 03.30.08

Weekend Edition

The Daily Word

Mexico sends troops to Chihuahua's border, where 200 people have been killed so far this year.

'Backpack Bandits' rob Arby's.

A child in Chaves County may have the measles.

The democratic campaign for president is a hostile one.

Clinton refuses calls to quit the race.

Take the quiz: Is it Jesus or Barack Obama?

Some states are telling Real ID to go to hell.

Take that, Edison. An 1860 audio recording precedes the phonograph by 17 years.

Big cat news: Woman attacked by cheetahs, Cheetos.

The internet linked to global warming.

How parents are tricked into buying $30 baby blankets.

Courtney Love says the Cobain estate was robbed. ROBBED!

New Orleans is violent, y'all.

Eliot Spitzer is linked to more whores.

Tech-based pranks for geeks.

Weather: Partly cloudy, highs in the low '70s.