The Daily Word 05.06.08

The Daily Word

Noooo! Rail Runner work in Santa Fe delayed.

NMED cites landfill for accepting hazmat. (It's cool to say hazmat.)

New Mexico is not getting a $2 billion uranium enrichment facility.

The Trigo Fire situation seems to be on the up and up.

Thousands upon thousands died in the Myanmar cyclone.

Earth's wrath appears in volcano form in Chile.

That dinosaur-killing asteroid covered Earth in carbon beads.

Some people don't want to party at the zoo.

Who will win today's Democratic primaries? Nobody knooooows....

And now, some Bill Richardson news.

Ballooning is not not unsafe.

John McCain woos the right with the promise of conservative judges.

12,000 Chinese children infected in hand, foot and mouth disease outbreak.

The Hindenburg exploded on this day in 1937.

I once met Great Khali at India Palace. It was awesome!

Album of the day: "Screamadelica" by Primal Scream.

Weather: Don't bother with showering, it's stupid windy.