The Daily Word 05.07.08

The Daily Word

Reports now show that more than 22,000 are dead in Burma as a result of the cyclone. More than 41,000 are still missing, and up to a million are homeless. The country is struggling to get necessary aid inside its borders.

A UNM student brought a large amount of guns on campus.

Find out how local politicians placed on Conservation Voters NM’s environmental scorecard.

Obama took home the most delegates in Tuesday’s primaries.

Thusly, pundits declare the race over.

Russia gets a new president, a lawyer who’s never before held political office.

An Albuquerque man going to jail on pornography charges asks to vote in the June primary election. (warning: annoying commercial viewing or subscription required)

Microsoft takes an “independent path”?

The lives of six million children could be saved every year with basic medical care.

People will do anything to make money. Now they want to turn our clouds into logos.

Ever wonder what sand looks like up close? It’ll blow your mind.