The Daily Word 05.11.08

Weekend Edition

The Daily Word

Read about the documentary on the Strong City cult.

Election: Obama optimistic, Clinton not quitting.

Latino voters may be going democrat.

More than 20 people dead at the swirly hands of twisters.

Things are rough in Myanmar, plus a Red Cross boat sank.

The Humane Society tapes mistreated animals in New Mexico.

Purse snatcher demands reward for her efforts.

Sunport to get another direct flight to Mexico.

Some are nervous about the recent Russian arms parade.

Speculation on whether global warming will crash the internet.

Nintendo looks to harvest U.S. game-making talent.

Here's some Steven Seagal.

Jenna Bush got married.

I guess a lot of girls want to kiss Madonna.

Annoying German techno is number one in the UK.

Album of the day: "Right Time" by The Mighty Diamonds.

Weather: There's a chance of rain this week.