The Daily Word 05.13.08

The Daily Word

City officials from across the country gathered in Albuquerque to discuss climate change.

Cadigan says his indoor cigar ban proposal went too far.

Today is carpool day, tomorrow is free bus day and Thursday is “drive your car like crazy” day.

The New Mexico Academy for Science and Mathematics is closing its doors.

Researcher says banning the use of cell phones behind the wheel could save thousands of lives.

Death toll climbing in Chinese earthquake.

Clinton expected to win big in West Virginia. Obama expected to not give a shit.

American artist Robert Rauschenberg dies at age 82.

A father is put in jail because his daughter failed to graduate high school.

“Don’t peel and stick me bro!”

Apple trademarks the iPod’s shape.

Things aren’t looking good for R. Kelly. The remix to “Ignition” can’t save him now.