The Daily Word 06.15.08

Weekend Edition

The Daily Word

APD hosted a sex party sting operation.

Monsoon season began this weekend.

Asteroid impact site found near Santa Fe.

Mount Taylor temporarily protected from mountain burglars.

WIPP removes unacceptable waste drum sent from LANL.

Many midwesterners are still wet, but maybe a little less so.

PVC shower curtains--the ones that smell so nice--are hazardous to your health.

Feds pony up paltry sum for plug-in hybrid autos.

There was an earth shake in Japan.

It's cheaper to visit the Caribbean right now.

Princess streaks her $46,000-per-year college campus.

Barbie sues Bratz for copyright infringement? Come on! Clearly Barbie is a bimbo, whereas Bratz are all-out skanks.

1780 warship found at the bottom of Lake Ontario.

Germans like Obama, see Obama with beer.

Album of the day: "Share" by Prabir & The Substitutes.

Weather: Hot, hot and more hot. At least it's monsoon season.