The Daily Word 06.22.08

Weekend Edition

The Daily Word

These APD sting operations are fucking stupid. (Cough...ENTRAPMENT...cough).

Weird write-an-essay-win-a-house contest called off.

That tomato thing is still going on.

Everyone loves the Rail Runner.

It's fire season, y'all.

Typhoon causes Philippine ferry disaster.

There IS ice on Mars.

Read about the man who photographed secret spy satellites.

Saudis to produce more oil.

Do chickens know why you have allergies?

Do mice know why you have alzheimer's?

Man eats too many bean burritos, poops python.

Lando Calrizian, or whoeverthefuck, gets served.

Album of the day: "The Nation's Saving Grace" by The Fall.

Weather: T-storms today!!!!!!!!!!!! T-storms 4-eva!!!!!!!!!!