The Daily Word 06.27.08

Weekend Edition

The Daily Word

State court refuses to let a man change his name to Fuck Censorship!

First time drunk drivers in Albuquerque may have their autos seized upon arrest.

The great tomato scare of 2008 continues.

Fire danger in the Sandias.

Richardson talks smack about McCain plans.

Obama and Clinton are friends now.

Your worst theme park nightmares come true.

Mars was hit with something large...4 billion years ago.

Some Americans compete at the Olympics for Mexico.

See what Chinese communism looks like.

See what leprosy looks like.

See what Buckminster Fuller looks like.

The Simmons' children are on their way to becoming entitled assholes.

Album of the day: "By All Means Necessary" by Boogie Down Productions.

Weather: Thunderstorms possible, blaring sunlight later in the week.