The Daily Word 07.01.08

The Daily Word

Several downtown bars are named in a DWI lawsuit.

In other DWI news, a state senator's daughter was arrested for driving while intoxicated. Sen. Kent Cravens is one of New Mexico's leading anti-DWI advocates.

Possible gray wolf sighting.

Here's a look at Steve Pearce's energy plan.

In his race to the center, Obama says he'll expand faith based programs.

The Williams sisters are in the semifinals at Wimbledon.

McCain talks free trade in Latin America.

Midwest floods may not contribute to the rising cost of food.

You can now get David Bowie's 1972 Santa Monica concert on CD.

Iraqi veterans are being treated poorly by their government.

On today's date in 1858, modern biology was born.

Chillin' with Miley.