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It's cold out there ...

But at least the Journal was free online thanks to the weather. You can still read Wednesday's free ejournal. Check out the creepy story about the state police officer from Espanola.

The cheap $100 laptop alleged to wire poor people across the world is already pushing toward $150, but that still crushes $500 ones.

The great state of Louisiana has made permanent a ban on underage kids purchasing violent video games. Almost like preventing underage drinking by not letting kids buy booze.

Google Mail, Goodle Chat, Google Maps, Google Talk ... Google may take over the world but Google Answers appears to be their first-ever product to be shut down.

If you haven't seen the movie "An Inconvenient Truth" check out this article on global warming.

Athletes across the world love doping drugs for the big win, but who knew about those darn chess players!

The bi-partisan Iraq Study Group wants troop pullbacks.