The Daily Word 09.11.08

The Daily Word

Has America forgotten its pledge after 9/11?

Honoring the victims of 9/11 today in the Duke City.

Wife investigates her husband's murder by asking random homeless people if they know who killed him. (Journal link)

The city cracks down on campaign signs. (another Journal link, sorry)

Santa Fe City Council gives "red-light cameras green light."

Registered sex offenders move, leaving non-offenders' addresses on the offender list.

State government seizes $1.4 million in stimulus checks from deadbeat parents.

Hurricane Ike is aimed at Houston.

Who knew working at the Interior Department was allegedly such a sex and cocaine party?

Mass fainting of schoolchildren after an exam in Tanzania.

How to become happy—scientifically.

Only Kanye West gets arrested for vandalism.