The Daily Word 10.07.08

The Daily Word

Voting machine glitch found. Voter bot, what do you think?

McCain called Obama a "Chicago politician" at the UNM SUB yesterday.

Obama still ahead in the polls.

Wired helps us understand the financial crisis.

It's National Fire Prevention Week. And don't forget it's National Popcorn Poppin' Month!

APD officer rear-ends woman on interstate.

U.S. business jet forced down in Iran.

Here's a vague article about tax credits and New Mexico.

Scientologists to soon practice weird religion from the Gizmo Store.

See the deepest-living fish known to man.

Another fish evolves before our eyes.

Huntin' cougar in NM has changed.

Album of the day: "Circa: Now!" by Rocket From the Crypt.

Weather: Temps meander from mid to upper '70s all week.