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KOB-TV reported yesterday that both of New Mexico's senators (Bingaman-D and Domenici-R) confirmed Robert Gates to replace Donald Rumsfeld as Defense Secretary. The Senate voted 95-2. Gates is expected to be sworn in sometime in December.

The Albuquerque Tribune reported that friends of the three murdered youths in the East Mountains have spoken out (and wrote letters to Albuquerque newspapers) disputing allegations that drugs were the primary motive behind the killings. While admitting to recreational drug use the friends are upset that media accounts of the alleged killer paint a sordid picture of drug dealing and drug debts as the primary cause of the triple homicide.

KOAT-TV has a nice picture of the anti-Bush sign that has neighbors in northwest Albuquerque all atwitter.

What's chromium, and more importantly why dump between 58 and 230 thousand pounds of the shit into a canyon in Los Alamos? That many pounds of Fruit Loops would probably screw up the aquifer.

I saw on one of the local news shows that the Rail Runner is finally going to start service south of Albuquerque (first Los Lunas, then hopefully before the end of the year Belen). You sure won't find any mention of it on their website that I can find though!

New York city's Board of Health voted unanimously to pass the first U.S. ban on trans fat use in restaurants.

In other food news, the latest E. coil outbreak, this time sponsored by Taco Bell, was apparently caused by green onions. Before long there will be no green vegetables served at any fast food restaurants. And, consider if the trans fat ban goes nationwide, all that fast food restaurants could serve would be paper or plastic.

Vice President Dick Cheney's creepy conservative cohorts expressed concern over the news that his daughter is pregnant.

Film awards season is indeed underway. Clint Eastwood's "Letters from Iwo Jima" won best film, with Helen Mirren picking up best actress for "The Queen." Forest Whitaker won best actor for "The Last King of Scotland." The awards this time were from the National Board of Review, voter makeup includes film industry folks as well as teachers and historians.

Florida's Seminole Indian Tribe has purchased the original Hard Rock Cafe in London and all other locations, apparently to use the chain to profit from growth in the gambling sector.