The Daily Word 11.25.08

The Daily Word

New Mexico to have its first female governor.

SAG strike looms.

Government stimulus to encourage lending.

Ew, genetically modified chiles.

State receives some ca$h money.

Eclipse doesn't want to go bankrupt.

What's new with the Westland development?

Private school at Gold and Arno caught on fire.

Screw the Beatles on iTunes, I want the Long Dead Sevens.

People in Nola were all pumped about the Saints game last night. Sports. Whoo.

Gas lighting in the 1800's.

Cryptid alert: Weird squid with elbows.

Album of the day: "E 1999 Eternal" by Bone Thugs-N-Harmony.

Weather: Ooo, fun. Expect rain later in the week.