The Daily Word 11.26.08

The Daily Word

New York commuter trains may be targeted by al Qaeda this weekend, says the FBI.

Domenici may not have a degenerative disease after all.

An Albuquerque school caught on fire.

The genetically engineered Thanksgiving dinner: On your table.

Obama’s interview with Barbara Walters

“Hundreds of human rights violations” by the border.

A drunk driver was run over by his own car.

A New Mexico woman claims she was fired when she became pregnant, then was offered her job back when she miscarried.

We might get snow tomorrow.

Will Paul Volcker fix the economy?

Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates will stay.

Who will Bush pardon before he leaves office?

Toxic melamine found in infant formula.

Blockbuster tries to combat Netflix.

Obama set fundraising limits for his inauguration.

The human cost of South Africa’s AIDS policy.