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Snowy roads have Jemez schools on two-hour delay.

KRQE-TV reports that 82 arrests were made in six hours when roadblocks were set up along I-25 Saturday night to catch drunk drivers. Besides drunk drivers the amount of drugs seized seems staggering.

Illinois Senator Barack Obama made a visit Sunday to New Hampshire.

Space Shuttle Discovery flight director: So far so good.

Reuters Headline: Would serial killer Dahmer have been an evangelist?

One of the oddities, which already surfaced from the official report on Princess Diana's death, to be published later this week, is that U.S. intelligence was bugging Diana's cell phone the night of the fatal car crash. Weird.

Chileans are celebrating in the streets of Santiago over the death of former dictator, Augusto Pinochet at 91.

A third case of bird flu was confirmed in South Korea. About one million birds were killed in an attempt to contain the disease which reportedly has not yet infected humans in the area.