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Today's Headlines from Everywhere

KOB-TV reported that New Mexico politicians have $720 million to spread around between the budget and tax cuts next year.

The Albuquerque Tribune reports: Mexico's entrant in this year's upcoming Oscar derby--Guillermo del Toro's spooky "Pan's Labyrinth" took top honors at the Santa Fe Film Festival.

KRQE-TV reports that the Clovis dentist accused of murdering a waitress may get the death penalty. Click here for additional disturbing dentist facts.

Check out this new poll by the Washington Post and ABC News regarding Bush's latest approval ratings.

The Miami Herald published a very harsh condemnation of Pinochet's "brutual regime" in Chile. The Herald's three political lessons almost look like a template for a future editorial, perhaps aimed closer to home.

Click here for more bad news about global warming and the end of our ice age.

Seattle Times editor writes about how tough the economy has been on daily newspapers, then announces that the daily will eliminate stock and mutual fund listings Tuesday through Friday. Apparently, like other dailies have already done, "Among those who have moved in this direction are The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, The Washington Post, The Chicago Tribune, Minneapolis Star Tribune, Atlanta Journal Constitution and The Boston Globe."