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"I Saw You" smiling at me on the way to your dark green car

Who saw? Who was seen? Was it you?

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Chatted briefly in Menchie’s

You: tall, gorgeous, awesome figure!

Me: white hair, trimmed beard, black exercise outfit

You were waiting in line in front of me. I asked if you were next, and you said you were waiting for someone to pick out a flavor for you. We had very few more words. But, you're really hot, and I'll love to get in touch!

Chipotle Purple Dress 7/11

You: a brunette w/ blue eyes, wearing a long purple dress around 7:30 accidentally bumped into me outside Chipotle, then kept looking back & smiling at me on the way to your dark green car. Me: blonde, navy blue vneck, jeans, & black boots. I regret not talking to you, you're gorgeous. Let's hope you read the Alibi.

Visiting Typhoon, Stormsword or Dassault Rafale?

Today, 9 July 2012, at or about 1528, I spotted two (2) of you just below the cloud canopy, 5,000 ft or under, flying east to west in the corridor of Eubank NE between Academy NE & Spain NE . Being so far away, I couldn't tell if you are English Typhoons, Stormswords or French Dassault Rafales. Are you visiting, or is the USAF testing you while considering to buy you like they did the Ospreys and Harriers? I hope they do! You are beautiful and totally futuristic!

OK, So Heal ME!

Overheard your conversation where you bragged you could heal anyone's pain. You noticed I'd heard and smiled and nodded at me. OK, so I'm taking up the gauntlet. Heal my pain, if you dare!

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