"I Saw You" at the Voting Booth

Who saw? Who was seen? Was it you?

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You convinced me to try a gingerbread latte!

You suggested I try the gingerbread latte at Starbucks on San Mateo and Indian School and I loved it. You were sooo beautiful and I blew my chance to talk to you. =(

Voting at Jackson Middle School

You: 40ish man with dark hair and glasses; I think your sweater was green and I know I didn't see a ring. Had a brief love affair with you in my head as you walked out post-vote while I stood in line to cast mine. Me: dark hair w/bangs, blue top, sparkly fishnets. Thanks for the eye candy while I waited. This could be terrible if we didn't vote the same way, but I have faith we're on the same team.

Organic milk, Greek yogurt, and sweet smile

You: Male, in checkout line at Eubank Costco on Nov. 20, late 30s or 40s, nice looking, short blond hair, jeans, black jacket. You had a friendly smile, 1% organic milk, Greek yogurt, & other stuff.

Me: Female, in line behind you, 40s, longish blond hair, black skirt & boots. I asked you about the organic milk you were buying.

I found you attractive & am interested in chatting you up for friends or more if you are straight & single. Say something about our encounter so I don't get replies from impostor.

Juan Zorrilla's (Don Juan's) Secret

Every time you bump into me, there is that combination of disgust and attraction you apparently feel for me. This article about pheromones and how they influence us might vindicate me, if you can get past your own childhood-induced notions. I hope the Alibi will allow mention of it. I'm not trying to sell anything, just lead you to the story that might make you change your mind!