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Dogs Vs Cats

Last Friday the dog people won. It wasn’t really much of a race, seeing as it was Take Your Dog to Work Day. Here at the Alibi we often have dogs of various sizes running around, but TYDTWD found an extra pooch chillin’ in newspaper land.

But, at least according to some Facebook group, Wednesday is the day for cat people to take revenge! It’s Bring Your Cats (notice the plural) to Work Day. Whoo hoo.

No more shall the cat people be marginalized, forced to rid their clothing of fur, explain that the baggies in our pockets are filled with the kindest of catnip or be made fun of for purring when we’re happy. Our cat friends can show our coworkers why we’re as crazy as we are.

So, allergics, stock up on your favorite allergy medicine, bring a lint brush and be prepared for keyboard sleeping. It’s a cat-vasion!

Luckily for all Wednesday is not a deadline day for the Alibi, otherwise the entire paper might look like this: uu˙∆˜†aq;y7803aqby an loiq3ruqht5j n

And, sadly, my beasts shall stay at home because while I like the idea of Bring Your Cat to Work Day, I’m pretty sure my cats wouldn’t like it at all.

Public Comments (5)
  • Maybe that's what we need!  [ Mon Jun 28 2010 4:04 PM ]

    A good mousing cat.

  • I was thinking the same thing.  [ Mon Jun 28 2010 4:57 PM ]

    A little office mouser. We'd be so Euro! Apparently you have to pick a kitten that likes to attack toys and carry things in its mouth.

  • You Guys Already Have One..  [ Tue Jun 29 2010 12:28 PM ]

    ..don't you?

    I think his name is Nick Brown.

  • umm,  [ Tue Jun 29 2010 1:59 PM ]

    Nick Brown is an elusive hairy woodland creature. Don't you know that by now?

  • Yeah, I Know That  [ Wed Jun 30 2010 12:24 PM ]

    But you have to admit, he is a great mouser. And for the most part, flea free.

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