“I Don’t Vote on the First Date”

I don’t know what rock Larry King overturned to find this creepy woman. She says she’s a Democrat, but you’ve got to wonder if there’s a paper trail somewhere leading back to the Grand Old Party.

She’s a Sen. Hillary Clinton supporter who’s upset that Sen. Barack Obama hasn’t “courted” her. And she seems to be taking it personally. She talks about her vote as one might speak of her virginity.

“I’m a good Catholic girl from Boston, Mass., and I don’t vote on the first date.”

“My vote is precious.”

“My ballot box is pretty closed.”

Watch her crazy eyes. I believe she’s also coined the term “NObama,” though it could just be the first time I’ve heard it.

I saw Sen. John McCain on “The Tonight Show” the night before last. Jay Leno suggested he choose Clinton as his VP since he likes her so much.

Please enjoy this Chris Matthews clip, in which he gets into a fight with this Ann Coulter-looking woman about whether Obama’s a “registered” Muslim. She’s part of the Clintons for McCain group.