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Tea Party Fallout


The crazies in the GOP base probably felt some measure of catharsis after Wednesday’s tea parties throughout the country.

Some conservatives fear the rallies, and the media coverage they received, may have scared independents away from the Republican Party. With the Democratic base already larger than its Republican counterpart, the GOP can't afford to alienate non-lunatics.

Public Comments (9)
  • HA!  [ Fri Apr 17 2009 12:40 PM ]

    Effing illiterate losers.

    Last edited [4/17/09 12:43 PM]
  • More Amazing Picket Signs  [ Fri Apr 17 2009 2:24 PM ]

    At hufpost. Amazing, I say.

  • Aw, C'mon  [ Fri Apr 17 2009 3:13 PM ]

    Did you even view the slide show? One star for "The American Taxpayers Are The Jews For Obama's Oven"?

  • I kan haz  [ Fri Apr 17 2009 3:15 PM ]


  • I like the one  [ Fri Apr 17 2009 3:37 PM ]

    that makes a reference to Obama giving the Saudi King a blowjob. It's the big-tent party.

  • How much of our paychecks before it stops?  [ Sun Apr 19 2009 10:20 PM ]

    Taxes, by definition, are a negative impact on the economy of a nation. Anyone that's read their Smith knows this. So how's increasing taxation supposed to help the economy?!? He's proposing that the government can "create" jobs, which may be true, but at close to $500K a pop. How much of that is going into the pocket of the worker, and how much of that is going into the bureaucracy that is needed to run the jobs program? Look at the New Deal... don't listen to what you hear, but go and READ SOMETHING FOR ONCE IN YOUR PITIFUL LIFE!!! The New Deal extended the recession that it was created to stop for 5-8 YEARS at a cost of TRILLIONS IN TODAY'S MONEY!!! And Ohvamanos wants to bring this stupid idea back!?!?

    When we went into Iraq I was working at the Frontier, and saw the protest marches on the streets. I saw the glowing reports of these "educated, concerned citizens making their voices heard." Now, a different group is doing the same thing, having more people show up, and they're idiots and blind to the world?

    Oh, well. Jefferson was right; the problem is that an "informed, educated populace" has disappeared from this country decades ago, and "the government that governs least is the government that governs best" is a dream that is lost, forgotten, and abused.

  • That's absurd  [ Mon Apr 20 2009 2:48 PM ]

    The New Deal extending the recession? You should double check your source and make sure it's not biased. The higher the unemployment rate the fewer people there are spending money. This in turn causes more people to lose their jobs because businesses can't sustain wages if there is no income. The New Deal helped keep the economy going. Could you imagine if FDR did nothing? I'm not saying Obama's plan is perfect, just that the New Deal did help end the Great Depression.

    And OMG! The war in Iraq is wrong. If you don't know that by now, you're haven't been paying attention. The right thing to do was to protest the war because we didn't belong there.

    Now why are these new protesters idiots? McCheese's link shows a sign of one of these protesters saying "Obama's Plan- White Slavery." That's inappropriate, racist, uncalled for, it has no political argumentative substance... it's basically moronic all the way around. How could a reasonable person expect other reasonable people to take such displays of idiocy seriously?

  • what is he? a socialist/comm​unist or a fascist?  [ Thu May 7 2009 4:02 PM ]

    My fav pics from the teabaggers' day of glory were the pics of people with signs calling Obama a socialist and a communist standing next to the people calling him a fascist. Wouldn't you think Faux news would have spend a little time educating these "citizens" on the difference? Like they would even understand! Lets face it, teabagging is now the code word for hating a black man, who happens to be more intelligent than they are, sitting in the WHITE house.

  • I thought "teabagging" was code for something else.  [ Thu May 7 2009 4:12 PM ]

    You know, the one possibly involving a lemon and some chopsticks.

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