A racist joke from the Secretary of State’s Office?

Political action committee, the Justice League, got a packet from Secretary of State Dianna Duran about filing finance reports. It included a link to an Excel spreadsheet with a sample of how PACs should fill out their info.

That sample, says the Justice League, is racist.

The sample last name, Sheryl Powdrell-Culbertson, is a combination of Sheryl Williams Stapleton and Jane Powdrell-Culbert, two members of the state Legislature who are African American. The sample first name is Jefferson Davis, who was the president of the Confederacy.

The sample PAC represented by Jefferson Davis Sheryl Powdrell-Culbertson is the National Organization of the Beer Drinkers and Guzzlers.

Rep. Powdrell-Culbert (R-Corrales) says it was racist. Secretary of State Duran called her up earlier today, the legislator says. “I think the person that did it, first of all, was very stupid to do something like that. I’m sure that she will take the appropriate step in addressing it.”

As an African-American state representative, “you end up having to deal with some stuff that you’d rather not deal with,” Powdrell-Culbert continues, “and you have to attribute it to the person’s ignorance.”

The Justice League is calling for the immediate resignation of Duran, but the legislator says that’s too much. “I respect her,” Powdrell-Culbert says of her fellow Republican. “She respects me, and we have a relationship. She will address it.”

Rep. Williams Stapleton (D-Albuquerque) was not available for comment. The Secretary of State’s Office has not yet issued a response.

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  • Now, THAT is CLASS!  [ Thu Mar 31 2011 7:32 PM ]

    Ms. Powdrell-Culbert is a real class act. I don't think I could be so composed and dignified, under such circumstances. In fact, it didn't even happen to me, and I'm so mad, I could spit Republican campaign buttons!

    I have a lot of respect for the Powdrell family. Mr. Powdrell was always so nice to my friends and me when we came in for barbecue and I loved his museum of artifacts and photos of African American culture in New Mexico.

    I wish we'd get past this foolishness of thinking one group of people is better than another because of their appearance! Content of character is the thing, and it shows here.

    Last edited [3/31/11 7:35 PM]
  • I'd Wager  [ Fri Apr 1 2011 10:32 AM ]

    that Dianna Duran had some help with writing that from Alibi blog poster BillyKid. Seems like his style of clueless racism.

  • Diana Duran is fine  [ Sat Apr 2 2011 10:32 PM ]

    Lay off. She did the appropriately right thing to do. She fired the women. That's what we do.



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