Day of the Roadrunner

March 16,2009

Last April I asked the Gov for a day to celebrate our state bird, the iconic Roadrunner. That day is going to be this Monday which is the 60th Anniversary of the the roadrunner being designated our state bird. A proclamation will be read in the Senate and I have created a commeorative poster for the event, available on Monday in Santa Fe. Layout thanks to Neal Ambrose Smith...Who I might add....has a terrific show hanging at the Open Space Visitors Center off Coors. Its a Coyote Show he put together with his mom, Jaune Quick-To-See Smith .

May the roadrunner throw off the evil of this economy.

Tomorrow morning at 5:15 am my interview with Deanna Salaeda will air on Channel 13. Most of you will miss it because its 5:15 am.

Viva Roadrunner!