Steve Pearce Wants to be a Congressman

He wants back in. He's gunning for Rep. Harry Teague's southern CD2 seat, the one Pearce vacated for a shot at the Senate. He lost that battle to Sen. Tom Udall.

From Pearce's news release:

"I had hoped Harry Teague would look out for the hard working people of New Mexico.

Sadly while I hoped for the best, Harry Teague embraced a reckless set of policies that directly jeopardize our economy and threatens future generations."

His campaign strategy is usually stern like this, a finger-wagging admonishment of his opponents.

Unlike some candidates, he did come down to the Alibi offices for an interview during the run-up to the November elections. And he's a straight-shooter. He didn't try to recast any of his views so they would be more palatable to the alt-weekly crowd.

So that's nice. But he's also absurdly conservative, so far right, he argued that primary opponent Heather Wilson was too liberal.

Who's ready for fun?