El-P isn't Going to Vote

I've got a kind of hero worship thing going with El Producto--have for years and years. Though I'm nowhere near as hard and cynical as he is, I like to dabble.

We saw El-P, owner of Definitive Jux, last night at the Scoot Inn. In spite of some sound problems, the smallish tented show was everything I wanted: Raw and waaay live.

Then El-P said some things about the elections that I've been in some semi-serious fights with friends about. See, I think you should vote.

El-P said something to the effect of:
A lot of people say, "You can't complain if you don't vote." The fucking system is rigged, I can complain. Then they go, "Well what if Obama wins? That will be something." I say if Obama wins, he's one of them.

Then he launched into a great track off his disc "I'll Sleep When You're Dead," (on my top 10 last year) the chorus of which goes:
I see you all regardless
I know what lies are like
I'm might have been born yesterday, sir
But I stayed up all night

So in spite of all the hope and fervor for change, how many of you agree with El-P?