It's Ying-Yang Time

At least the Amish voted for Obama. And Philly blacks and Penn State students. But elsewhere across Pennsylvania he got creamed, clobbered, stomped. Luzerne County, home to "bitter" out of work factory workers and miners "clinging to guns and religion," went for Clinton 3-1. Northampton County, where they are demolishing the Behtlehen Steel Works, once the largest steel mill in the world, gave Clinton a 22 point margin. Beaver County, another old steel mill center and home to Joe Namath, went for Clinton by 40

Obama won Philly by 30 points, but it wasn't enough to offset the tidal wave against him in the deer hunting country covering most of the Keystone State. He didn't even win the usually liberal Philly suburbs except for Chester County, which has a large black population along the Delaware River.

Now the candidates move on to Indiana and North Carolina on May 6, West Virginia on May 13, Oregon and Kentucky on May 20, Puerto Rico on June 1, followed by South Dakota and Montana on June 3 where the last primaries will be held before the rumble coming on the convention floor in Denver.

It's Ying-Yang time. Yuengling from Pottsville, PA is America's oldest brewery. We used to derisively call it Ying-Yang. But Ying-Yang also fits what's happening to the Democratic Party, the male and female opposites struggling, black against white, the bitter vs. sweet, the good and the bad thumb wrestling over who will control the Dems for the next generation.

For the record, McCain is a Bud man. I have no idea if that has any cosmic significance.