I stand Accused in the Q's Acequias

Dating on the Cheap

Approximately in the year of Way back before you were Even Born we did things on the cheap and Weird. We were creative and didn't rely on Disney or HollyWood to entertain us....

We didn't have iPhones or
SUVs or Google or YouTube or DVDs. We didn't really date or "hook up" but we courted one another.

This is a story about one of my most wonderful dates. I convinced this quirky arts and crafts/hippy gal in my social studies class to go riding with me in a home made gondola meandering around the acequias near Rio Grande and Ranchitos. In our picnic basket I packed some cheddar cheese, wheat thins and some Syrah from Luna County New Mexico. It was a beautiful spring day on March 27, 1982...

The BiTingBugs were out and she got bit and complained about the HowLinG wind and rural smell. The hand Made gondola [of pallets & styrofoam and aluminum lawn chair ] worked for about 5 minutes then failed and we scrambled in muddy water and managed to save about half of the wine but we lost the food to the Snail-slow current of the North Valley irrigation ditch.

The key to this CreaTive CanoeRide was not the embarrassing & unfortunate mishaps along the way but the run -upHype building up the Outing and the embellished stories FloWinG afterwords. Since I didn't have a car nor much money it was important to get the biggest splash out of this event as I was trying to establish a reputation for being Fun and Weird[but a good kind of weird, not like the AxeWielding kind of weird]

So always around the time of SxSW and blossoming purple Lilacs and the new Sneezes of Spring I remember the mad look on her face. Her tears smearing the North Valley dirt on her pretty face pouting while she justifiably cried "You are such an assHole" ....and now this is all a distant & pleasant memory of how things used to be better than they are today. Much better...

NOTE- the failure of the Raft was not preMeditated. It had worked splendidly in 2 test sessions preceding the March 27 launch. I had to move around a lot when I was young. I couldn't endure the social pressure that was self inflicted.