The New Pit

Complete with video games!

Justin Goodrum

I've been watching buzzer beaters and great moments happen in The Pit since the fourth grade. I've been through every phase of Lobo diehard from a youngster to a proud member of Section 26. So when hearing the news about The Pit’s massive renovation, I questioned if dealing the cold weather to use the bathroom or buy popcorn would really be worth it. But when I finally viewed the finished product, I felt rewarded for my inconvenience with a top-notch facility. Lobo faithful will feel the same way.

The old Pit had a unique look but seemed a relic compared to Isotopes Park and University Stadium just across the stereo. Just by looking at the expanded concourse, The Pit rivals any professional arena. Hassles like parking and purchasing tickets have disappeared as the renovation expanded the parking lot and moved the ticket office inside the building. A Lobo novice will get schooled on the history of the Lobo basketball just by looking at any wall. Six interactive video screens allow fans to view pictures and videos of legendary players and coaches—a feature that allows memories from The old Pit to still linger within the halls.

Perhaps the coolest addition to The Pit are two video screens at the opposite sides of the arena. From the NBA style player introductions to the instant replays, each game has a slick presentation. But the new technology hasn't gotten in the way of the signature crowd noise The Pit is known for. Fans will still be rewarded with slight hearing loss after screaming for victory.

Athletes have also benefited from the face lift with new locker rooms equipped with video games, a lounge area and a new workout facility. Men's Head Coach Steve Alford can now use the arena as a recruiting tool to attract top prospects.

There's not a bad seat anywhere in the arena and that's a tribute to hard work that was put into the renovation. The Pit already attracts bull riding and the Gathering of Nations, hopefully musical acts and other major events make their way to the new arena.

Before the redesign, The Pit was a special place. Now this Lobo basketball sanctuary of can last for new generation of Lobo fans.