Hangover Sports Roundup

Bosh lifts Heat, Tapia rises again, Guida upsets Pettis

Clay Guida takes down Anthony Pettis
Clay Guida takes down Anthony Pettis

NBA Finals
Miami's Chris Bosh has been the third wheel of the "Big Three" for the entire season. While LeBron James and Dwayne Wade garner much of the credit and/or blame for the team's results, Bosh is usually forgotten. But after a 16-foot jump shot to hold off the Dallas Mavericks 88-86 in game three of the NBA Finals, Bosh might be changing some minds. (Not to mention his stellar play against the Bulls in the Eastern Conference Finals.) The Mavericks tried to surge in the fourth quarter with the scoring of Dirk Nowitzki but didn't get any help from his key role players. Miami has the momentum, but the Heat were still out-rebounded and received little help from their bench. The Big Three have played well, but if their role players fail to step up, their title hopes could quickly disappear. Meanwhile, if you're a Dallas fan, don't panic. Dirk Nowitzki is possibly the best player on the court and the Mavericks defense is holding steady.

Saturday night was a good night for New Mexico boxers and MMA fighters making noise on the local and national level. Boxing legend Johnny Tapia earned a unanimous decision victory over late replacement Mauricio Pastrana at the Hard Rock Casino in Albuquerque. Some experts are saying this may not be the last time fans see Tapia in the ring. Hopefully, if Tapia can string a couple of more victories together, a title fight could be the proper send-off Tapia has been searching for.

Mixed Martial Arts
Experts and fans labeled Anthony Pettis as the next break out star in MMA. Pettis has been known for throwing the most dramatic kicks in the history of the sport. Promised a title shot, Pettis decided to take another fight after both UFC Lightweight Champion Frankie Edgar and Grey Maynard fought to a draw. So when UFC President Dana White matched Pettis with Clay Guida, many thought Pettis would easily dispose of "The Carpenter." Guida, a member of Albuquerque's Jackson's MMA, used footwork and takedowns to edge Pettis in a unanimous decision during The Ultimate Fighter Finale. Pettis showed potential with tight striking and submission attempts but Guida's ground strikes were too much. Guida, who was first known as a mid-level fighter, has now placed himself in title contention.