Weekend Hangover for July 25th 2010

Now that the 2010 World Cup has ended, all sports fans are focused on America's pastime, the NFL. Training camps have begun and already a new soap opera storyline has started, with Dez Bryant refusing to take part in rookie hazing. Bryant seems pretty happy to be in Dallas but when Roy Williams gave his pads to Bryant after practice, he declined. Now Bryant might get more hazing than he bargained for and it could prevent him from making the big impact in training camp.

Everybody in the NBA has already declared the Miami Heat the champions for the next season, except Boston Cetitic guard, Rajon Rondo. In an interview during a Team USA practice Rondo remains skeptical if the new big three can play and produce on the court. Rondo's transformation from quiet point guard to a floor general places Boston as still one of the dangerous teams in the NBA. Meanwhile New Orleans guard Chris Paul is now on the front line of trade rumors. Paul seems unhappy with the Hornets and has green eyes of envy towards other stars switching teams. If New Orleans looses Paul its places the team in the NBA draft lottery for years to come. Teams like the Knicks, Magic, and Trailblazers are in the running for Paul's services. Whether Paul is traded within the next week or next month, his fate will have a major impact on the league.

Tour de France
Alberto Contador won his third Tour De France over the weekend and could be the new face cycling. The event also marked Lance Armstrong last tour, stating he'll never return. Now Armstrong turn his focus on battling critics and former teammates hurting his reputation with steroid actuations.