Fight Blog - UFC 126

the calm before the storm
the calm before the storm
Ari LeVaux

Watched a dude lose 400 dollars in less than a second to a card sharp with no teeth and blood red eyes. The mark was so sure the card was going to be a queen when he turned it over, he peeled off a hundred. Then he looked at his woman, looked at the card sharp, and was just positive that he was smarter. He peeled off three more and flipped over the card. He walked away, shaking his head, while the sharp reset his trap without skipping a beat.

There are dudes wearing Tapout shirts everywhere, but they’re found in highest density around the UFC fighters wandering around, dispensing their ambassadorial obligations with disarming warmth.

The preliminary fights have started. British striker Paul Taylor just knocked out Gabe Ruediger in lightweight action. The arena is still mostly empty. Not for long.