Bones vs Bader

the battle for light heaveyweight contendership

Jones heading for the cage, where Ryan Bader waits
Jones heading for the cage, where Ryan Bader waits
Ari LeVaux

Reporting live from Mandalay Bay Event Center, I don't know how everybody else in here isn't starting to piss their pants just a little.

I'm sitting near the Ryan Bader cheering section. One of them has his shirt off.

First round was total domination by Jones. He jumped over Bader at one point - backwards!! Jones stuffed Bader's takedowns, turning some of them into takedowns of his own. On the feet, Jones put his reach advantage to good use, showing that sometimes size matters.

Bader fans getting quieter, but still chirping.

Round 2: More crazy strikes from Jones, including a very fast superman punch-like thing. More failed takedowns from Bader, the second of which resulted in Jones on top, locking Bader in a gillotine choke and getting the tap.

The Bader gallery has been silenced, and the Jones hype train has not been derailed.

In the post fight interview Joe Rogan announces that Jon Jones is given the next title shot against Shogun Rua, as Jones' teammate Rashad Evans, who was in line for that fight, has blown out his knee in training. It's huge news. Everyone is stunned.

Meanwhile, Team Jackson's has a lock on submission of the night bonus.