The "Co-Main" Event

Jones vs Bader was the real Co-Main, mein

The Co-Main event is underway. Neither Rich Franklin nor Forrest Griffin are title contenders. The fight is interesting because both have held a UFC title. But given the two of them are a combined 0-4 against Anderson Silva and Vitor Belfort (who fight for the middle weight strap in the Main Event), the relevancy of this fight in the title picture is non.

When Franklin proclaimed that this would be the fight of the year, that was enough to convince me to put a modest wager on Griffin (the betting underdog), who leads two rounds to zero by my count, going into the final round.

After three lively rounds, in which strikes and takedowns were traded, Griffin wins the decision - which Franklin appeared to truly believe he won until Bruce Buffer read the scorecards. I like Franklin, but he seems a little out of touch with reality these days. But I'm not complaining. I made money on the disconnect.

A match down the road between Griffin and Jones would be interesting, because they are the two tallest members of the UFC light heavyweight division.