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What Did You Play This Weekend?

Half-Life meets Vertigo
Half-Life meets Vertigo
Olly Moss

I picked up the original Half-Life on the cheap during the Steam weekend sale - a game I only played a little bit of when it came out. The big takeaway after our 40 minutes or so reunion? Hindsight is a bitch without a dose of dimenhydrinate. Yes, it was an amazing leap forward in design at the time, and the scripted bits neatly clear up a lot of the Doom/Quake monster closet problem, but oh man, there's just something about an old shooter which sets my eyes to spinning queasily. Maybe it's the constant twitchy movement. Or is it that the game space (so far) is all claustrophobic mazes? Whatever the case, that creeping sense of ick forces me to turn away after short bursts of play. I've done a little fiddling with the field of view, which I think is helping some, but this old school ship may have sailed on me permanently.

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